Learning Material

Training and Teaching Modules

As a result of the dealer analysis and expert study  6 critical areas of future skills and competences have been worked out. The enclosed document provides an overview about these 6 areas and the teaching materials developed for each area. The teaching/training materials can be downloaded "LEARNING MATERIALS"  as well as the curriculum and training concept which give a better understanding of the aims and content of the individual training modules.

Case Studies

Case Studies for six different thematic areas were developed, that evolved as relevant for business success from a delphi study.

Download document including all 6 case studies

Additional material for case studies:

Literature Teaching Material

Download the teaching material literature list

Dealer Training Programme

The Qualified Dealer Management Major

The developed teaching materials, based on the identified skills and areas of training required, are assigned and arranged to a major in the field of automotive distribution (i.e. dealership management) for business studies. Therefore, the major per se is targeted at Higher Education Institutions offering dealer or distribution management courses or SME management courses. Different learning materials (modules, cases etc.) are conceptualized and compiled to a Dealer Management Major Curriculum. The curriculum contains detailed and well-structured information of all elements required for a Dealer Management Major.

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DNDS Consortium


Final Conference

Seeking Dealership Excellence Through Research and Training

Marketing, New Media, Finance and Management in the Automotive Industry.

September 10.-12. 2014, Ancona/Italy