Project Reports

Progress Report

In order to monitor the project’s progress continuously progress reports together with the announcement of further steps have been developed. These reports document the progress every 10 month.

Progress Report 1 (Month 10) EN - - - -
Progress Report 2 (Month 20) EN - - - -
Progress Report 3 (Month 30) EN - - - -

Quality Evaluation and Assurance

The enclosed Quality evaluation and Assurance Report contains a clear and comprehensive reflection about the extent to which the project objectives have been fulfilled. Most importantly, based on the collection of evaluation and tests suggestions for improvement and how the DNDS team reacted on the proposals are included.

Quality Evaluation and Assurance EN - - - -

DNDS Consortium


Final Conference

Seeking Dealership Excellence Through Research and Training

Marketing, New Media, Finance and Management in the Automotive Industry.

September 10.-12. 2014, Ancona/Italy