Analysis of the challenges and skill deficiencies of automotive dealers

The main objective of this study was to assess the key areas of knowledge deficiencies in management of automotive dealers. Download the summary report or the individual country studies prepared for Czech Republic, Germany/Austria, Italy and Poland. 

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Delphi Study - Current and future dealer skills

Experts from various fields (distribution, green mobility, IT, sales, finance etc.), different countries and different organizations (such as automotive enterprises, dealers, training institutions, companies, HEIs, automotive associations) worked on this delphy study to identify current best practices and skills, future needed skills and most crucial areas of competences and skills for the future success in distribution.

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Best Practices Compendium

Learning from the best in distribution: Best Practices from Austria, Czech Republic and Italy

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DNDS Consortium


Final Conference

Seeking Dealership Excellence Through Research and Training

Marketing, New Media, Finance and Management in the Automotive Industry.

September 10.-12. 2014, Ancona/Italy