Call for Paper and Case Studies

We welcome your full paper and extended abstratcs in these topics:
(the topic listed below are for illustration only)

•    Best Practices and Case Studies from Dealership Training
•    Training and Development: Needs Identification, Instruction Methods
•    Marketing, Sales, and Dealership Management in the Automotive Industry
•    Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking in the Automotive Industry
•    Relationship Management: Producers and Dealers
•    Marketing and sales Challenges in dealer management
•    New Services and New Product Development for Dealerships
•    Customer Relationship Management for Dealers
•    Marketing Communications, New Media and E-Business for Dealers
•    Addressing Block Exemption Regulation in the Dealership Development
•    Franchise Models in the Automotive Distribution: Challenges and Future
•    Measuring Financial Performance in Dealerships

Most appropriate Teaching case study and best practice are selected and invited to present the work in the round table session.

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DNDS Consortium


Final Conference

Seeking Dealership Excellence Through Research and Training

Marketing, New Media, Finance and Management in the Automotive Industry.

September 10.-12. 2014, Ancona/Italy